SKYBKA (ски́б-ка) [ˈskɪbkɑ]:

  • A slice of something edible.
  • A Transсarpathian meal consisting of thin, pan-fried potato slices.
  • A Designer grill, created in the Transcarpathian region of Ukraine.



SKYBKA inspires

It's not just a grill or a barbecue, but a piece of art created by Jan Potrogosh, a sculptor from Transcarpathia. Simple clean lines and minimalistic design combine authentic Carpathian ornaments and modern, industrial style.

SKYBKA is a designer grill that seamlessly fits within any environment, whether it’s an outdoor space, a private residence or a restaurant.



SKYBKA unites

A circle is a symbol of coming together. We say "have friends around" or  "in the family circle".

The grill’s circular design creates an atmosphere perfect for social gatherings, with fire and metal keeping everyone cosy and encouraging open conversation.

SKYBKA helps create delicious and healthy meals for friends or family, all year round.



SKYBKA is healthy

SKYBKA is made of raw, environmentally-friendly materials such as low-carbon steel and Carpathian oak wood.

SKYBKA offers a new approach to cooking. Food can be easily grilled towards the centre of the disc where the temperature reaches 200°С. To keep cooked food warm, or for food that requires less heat, simply move it to the edges of the disc where the temperature is lower.



SKYBKA is easy to use and reliable

SKYBKA heats up and is ready to use quickly, just like a normal fire. Temperatures decrease as you move closer to the edge of the disc, which makes it possible to simultaneously cook many dishes with different temperature requirements.

You can easily clean SKYBKA after cooking by using the tools provided.

25-year warranty is provided for the top surface.




If you have any questions, please, contact us:
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